The Hands of the Workers

December 2014 – August 2015 - The Hands of the Workers

Commissioned by the Dudley Canal Trust to celebrate 50 years of the opening of the canal and limestone caverns to the public this piece is a monument to all of the volunteers who worked to open and maintain this internationally celebrated site. 

Cast in Aluminium and forged steel this piece represents the toil of the workers and their strength.

It is sited in the tunnels under a natural fissure in the cavern above which sheds a column of light upon the piece reminiscent of early religious icons. 

Installed by barge this piece is now a feature of the tour, giving each of the 80,000 visitors a year an insight into the lives of the people who keep the canal open for everyone.

“It was a pleasure working with Luke Perry – his way of working, his insight and breadth of knowledge is exceptional and the artwork is of such a high standard”


JF Tennant Community Engagement Officer