Silverdale Colliery Monument.

March 2017 – November 2017

Silverdale Country Park – Newcastle Under Lime

Commissioned by theHeritage Lottery and Groundwork this 3 metre steel sculpture was inspired by the site and it’s rich human history.

The sculpture is a direct representative of Joan (lifetime member of Silverdale and supporter of the Miners during the great strike) and Ken (an ex coal miner of Silverdale), they stand at the highest point in the area and are visible for miles guarding the old mine.

The piece represents the community of the Coal Mine both the workers and the women who supported them.

With the eyes cut through the piece harnesses light in a luminous but simple optical illusion that is now the Icon of the town.

“Luke Perry  is a master in his trade and seen by many as a legend.”

Comments made by the nominator for Luke’s Black Country Masters.