Phil Lynott.

Bronze and Galvanized Steel - West Bromwich 2020

Phil Lynott, lead singer of Thin Lizzy was in the 1970’s one of the most famous rock musicians in the world but until recently few people knew that he was born in West Bromwich.

This sculpture is a love story, crowd funded by fans it has been brought into being as a statement of great pride and love for a complicated man whose talent and personality brought him meteoric fame.

For me as the sculpture the great importance of this piece is as a symbol of change. 

Phil Lynott moved to Dublin at an early age due to social pressures meaning that bringing up a mixed race, fatherless son would be to face very negative pressures. In 2020 West Bromwich has changed, the pride and ownership of Phil Lynott is a symbol of this social progression away from a less inclusive past.