Mushroom Green Chain Shop is opened by Industrial Heritage Stronghold on the second Sunday of the month from April to October 2:30 – 5pm. Admission is free.

For Sat NAV: Mushroom Green, Quarry Road, Cradley Heath, DY2 0EE.

It is on Quarry Road next to Griff Chains and opposite the Bradney Chain Factory, park in the small car park and walk down the small road and you’ll find it, six chimney’s pointing skywards.

Just on the boundary between Cradley Heath and Netherton it can be found by taking St Anne’s Road On Five Ways Junction Cradley Heath, past Cradley Kawasaki, left at the Victoria pub on the roundabout and past Dudley Wood Church on Quarry Road, once you have come up the incline the car park is on the left. Park Here and walk left down the cul-de-sac at the end of the car park.

From the eighteenth century chain making was a major industry in the Black Country, particularly in the villages of Netherton, Old Hill and Cradley Heath.
The trade developed due to the ready supply of raw materials in this area: fuel, locally produced high quality wrought iron and a highly skilled workforce of trained ironworkers.

In 1911 there were 6,550 people working in the chain making industry and by 1914 the Black Country had an international reputation for good craftsmanship.

Both men and women were employed in the industry, many in back yard workshops such as ours at Mushroom Green so it is an excellent way to experience the working practices and in a way conditions of our skilled ancestors. And it’s FREE!!!!

Once there you can watch Luke, Nats or Liam demonstrating chainmaking the traditional way, with hammer, tongs and fire. If you’re really lucky (or we’re really knackered) we might let you have a go. 

To make a day of it you can walk comfortably from Mushroom Green through the Saltwells Nature Reserve where the Saltwells Animals Sculpture Trail is permanently exhibited and grab some lunch at the Saltwells Inn (good food and very reasonably priced). Info fro this is available at or call Dean on 01384 569224.


Any queries (or you are lost) call Luke on 07710 379000.