King Edwards Dragon. 

June 2016 – September 2016 - King Edward VI College Stourbridge

This piece based on the idea of a ‘Moral Compass’ see’s the Medieval dragon, a part of the College’s insignia eating the monument on which it has just landed, a symbol of the changing times that the future generations of the college will face.

The sculpture stands at 6 metres, is made from hand carved Yorkstone, Cast Iron and Galvanised Steel and is the focal point of the newly landscaped study garden for the students.


Inspired by the College’s own architecture and designed in workshops with the students the piece is a personal work at the heart of the college.

The quotes upon the signposts are taken from the world of culture, with prose such as ‘I am the master of my fate’ from the poem Invictus to quotes from film such as ‘You Lost today kid, but it doesn’t mean you have to like it’ taken from the Indiana Jones Films.

She added: "We wanted an art piece that reflected the heritage of the college and how it has helped students in the past, and in the present and will help them for their future. The sculpture looks wonderful in our grounds and we know our students will love it being here.."

Remley Mann – College Principal