James Conway Stockport

James Conway Memorial March 2017 – December 2017– Stockport Town Centre

Luke produced such a fantastic memorial for Royal Marines James Conway; The energy in the piece and the strength in his face expresses so much, everyone I spoke to was very complementary of his artistic talent! 

Lieutenant Colonol of the Royal Marines - Matt Churchward 

Commissioned by Stockport Council this piece represents marine James Conway who was killed in Operation Frankton, the historic ‘Cockleshell Heroes’ mission of 1942.

The Bronze, Structural Steel, Coreten and Cast Iron Monument is a 1.5 times lifesized representation of James paddling as part of the Canoe Commando raid and stands at 4 metres tall.

During the development stage it was necessary to consult with Historians, relatives of James, view the remaining artefacts which are housed at various museums in the country all with the aim to produce a historically perfect representation of James.

Operation Frankton in December 1942 saw 10 Royal Marines undergo a mission that only 2 would survive, this was to paddle 100 miled up the Gironde Estuary into Nazi Occupied France and bomb the Ships running Allied blocade.The sculpture represents the moments of high tension during the voyage, where often the Canoe was almost overturned in the icy sea.

Never before in the history of monuments to this famous mission has there been produced a sculpture which is perfect in detail. Luke is the first and only artist with the dedication and ability create this monument.

Quentin Rees – Author of Cockleshell Heroes The Defnitive History.