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“Through Luke’s very endeavour and commitment to sculptural work we are going to develop a far deeper understanding of our Nation’s history”

- Professor Chris O’Neil, Executive Dean of Birmingham City University


Luke and his team are currently working on the monument to AIDS and HIV in Birmingham. Please click on the button below and scroll to 10:43 in the program for more information. 

About Industrial Heritage Stronghold

About Industrial Heritage Stronghold


"This monument is the first of its kind and gives voice to a subject long overdueits recongnition.  The fulfilment of this project has been the Jewel of my life."


Jatinder Singh - President of Europe's Largest Gurdwara GNG Smethwick 



“Luke engaged with the students in a very positive way, encouraging them to harness and channel their enthusiasm and creativity, by submitting, discussing, developing and refining ideas.”

-Alan Reynolds, Senior Planner for Sandwell Council


 “Luke is one of the few artists I have worked with that is able to conceive, fabricate and install whilst understanding the overall vision and objectives.”

-Claire Farrell, Director of EC Arts.



Chain Making Demonstrations

Free to the public

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