Flying Tales of Folklore.

Flying Tales of Folklore - November 2015 – June 2016
Brasshouse – North Smethwick Development Trust – Smethwick

“This work was a fabulous idea, it’s brilliant what’s been done here. They are really beautiful. What Wonderful Sculptures, it’s such a good thing for the community to see”

 Julie Walters CBE and Academy Award Nominee. 

Unveiled by the actress Julie Walters these 12 sculptures are all based on the rich heritage of Smethwick and its people. 

Working directly with 12 young women from Youthquake who are based in Brasshouse, Luke researched the myth’s and folklore which is associated with the different peoples that are local to Smethwick in the West Midlands. 

Each of the 12 girls learned to weld, make chain and design a public artwork, with all the practicalities due in its fabrication even working on a sculpture themselves, this was an enriching experience for all. 

The sculptures range from Bangladeshi Rickshaw’s to Phoenix’s, 10 Headed Deamons to Sculptures celebrating the Nobel Peace Prize winning Malala who is a local resident. Each one designed and crafted specifically for its site.