Cradley Column

July 2006 – October 2007. Creation of the Cradley Column, 

The monolith was constructed within timescale and in budget with much community engagement and workshops with 16 local kids with behavioural issues. I conducted a series of research and development workshops so that the kids not only knew about their history but picked their favourite parts and illustrated them in a way that could be used in construction. 

“The project worked very well and exceeded officers’ expectations. Luke engaged with the students, encouraging them to harness and channel their enthusiasm and creativity, by submitting, discussing, developing and refining ideas. He has a gift for guiding the evolution of a public art commission that was appropriate in terms of scale, form, materials and construction to its setting within a busy High Street and alongside a new superstore. He had an obvious pride in, passion for and commitment to the commission”. 

Alan Reynolds, Senior Planner for Sandwell Council