A Monument to Immigrants

March 2017 – September 2017

Handsworth Park - Birmingham

Commissioned by the Arts Council and Handsworth Arts trail this piece was Luke’s response to the brief ‘ Journeys’.

Luke wanted to pay tribute to the many brave families and individuals who have made their way from their homes around the world crossed seas and borders to make a new life. Handsworth was the perfect place to build this monument as it has long been a centre for UK immigration. 

Designed with the community the piece now stands next to the Boating lake in Handsworth Park.

This sculpture in Bronze and Steel is based on the steam liner which brought many immigrants to the UK throughout the 20th Century, it is a symbol of arrival and a new life.

The figurative bronze is based on Hector Pinkney, a local hero who has been a lifelong contribution to the community and himself immigrated into the Uk in 1962, he was chosen as the perfect representation of Handsworth and the people who make it.

“This piece is a strong one and a great image for Handsworth”

Vanley Burke ‘Godfather of Black Photography’.


“Luke Perry  is a master in his trade and seen by many as a legend.”

Comments made by the nominator for Luke’s Black Country Masters