A Boy Shaped Space 

A Boy Shaped Space 


Steel Memorial Sculpture - Leigh School - 2021


This memorial is to remember the life and the absence felt for Yasir Hussein. Yassir died following an accident playing football in school leaving his friends, teachers, and family in a state of shock and sadness at this tragic accident for which n-one was prepared.

After meeting with Yasir's family, teachers and friends the design was created in which the steel letters from his loved ones create a safe orb like shape into which the shape of Yassir was cut at the exact height that he was.

The teachings of the faith of Islam respectfully do not allow the representation of Yasir but here the cut out allows us to represent him without that visual representation. The sculpture communicates the absence of a boy, the space which should be filled.

As his friends and family age and grow, the shape of Yasir will remain unchanged, surrounded by messages of love and hope that will be with him in this permanent monument to a boy loved by all.