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Industrial Heritage Stronghold

Luke Perry Sculptor

The Orangutans 

The Orangutans – Galvanised Steel – January 2023 – Dudley Zoo  


This piece was commissioned as a part of the environmental awareness campaign which Dudley Zoo have instigated to illuminate the plight of many of the animals which are represented in their zoo.

The sculpture comprises 100 pieces over 40 metres and shows the Mother on two poles separated from the child on one pole surrounded by 97 cut poles. These simple but powerful images directly represent that 97% of Orangutan habitat has now been destroyed, leaving many of these remarkable animals unable to connect with each other and threatened with extinction.

This is almost exclusively because of the use of Palm Oil within products mainly used in the West. 

If this powerful image affects you please be active in your purchasing and reduce your consumption of Palm Oil, these incredible animals deserve a chance of life within their natural environment.

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